Chairman’s Message

Dear Member

It has been a momentous year, so far. We have had the local County Council elections, in which 58 Conservatives out of a possible 70 seats were returned, including 7 within our Association. A tremendous result and well-done to all.

At that time the Party was riding high in the polls and things were looking good politically. However, a snap General Election was called shortly after the local elections and our ratings dropped dramatically. This resulted in the loss of our Member of Parliament. On behalf of us all I would like to place on record our thanks to Karl for the hard work he put in over his seven years of service to the citizens of Lincoln.

Deputy Chairman Political, Sophie Bennett, is now concentrating on the City Council elections on May 3rd and interviews are ongoing to ensure that we have eleven candidates in place by the end of the year.

Deputy Chairman Membership, Jane Kendrick, is currently organising events and information on these will be sent to you by various means.

Our Treasurer, Andrew Ogg, has kept the officer team up to date on our accounts situation and after two expensive elections we need to replenish our election fighting funds. Therefore I ask you to try and support our fund raising events whenever you can.
Finally, my thanks to you and the officer team for your support over this year so far.

Cllr Eddie Strengiel

Lincoln Conservative Association Chairman